Details of Coverage

SCFA members have rights to numerous benefits through our collective agreements. Details of the benefits available can be found in sections 9.4, 9.5, and 9.8 of the local agreement, as well as section 7.5, 8.3, 9.2 and 9.3 of the common agreement.

Details concerning life insurance, disability insurance, extended health and dental care, prescription service and emergency travel assistance can be found in this SCFA Benefits Booklet.

Group Benefits

The Employee benefits package is currently provided through Manulife Life Insurance. See the Manulife site for more information including claim forms.

If you have questions regarding benefits contact Michele Laurin, Pension and Benefits Officer, at extension 21231 or visit the Human Resources page on the Selkirk College website.


The Employee Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) is provided by Homewood Health. For more information go to the Homewood Website.

Homewood Brochure

Homewood FAQ

All Selkirk College employees and their spouses have access to the counselling services provided by Homewood.

Disability Management Committee

The SCFA representatives on the joint union-management Disability Management and Rehabilitation Committee are Jennifer Reid and Lisa Gates

Listed below are the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders when making a disability claim


  • Notify Supervisor and Disability Management Coordinator of absence immediately.
  • Have physician complete Work Abilities Form (cost borne by employee)
  • Complete Rehabilitation Application, sign off on Occupation Demands form if no detailed job description available, complete short and/or long term disability applications
  • Confirm use of banked sick leave (may not use banked sick leave beyond 30 days unless short term disability application approved by Manulife) by completing Banked Sick Leave Authorisation form
  • Provide initial and ongoing proof of disability during sick leave, short and/or long term disability and in the event of his/her claim being denied
  • Actively participate in the rehabilitation/modified work process
  • Provide ongoing information on abilities and return to work information requested by Disability Management Coordinator, Rehabilitation Committee and/or Manulife
  • Communicate any modified work problems which arises to Supervisor, Disability Management Coordinator and/or Rehabilitation Committee
  • Educate his/herself on the range of services, benefits, etc. provided by the plan as well as the requirements of the plan
  • Ensure that his/her Physician provides the Disability Management Coordinator, Manulife and/or the Rehabilitation Committee with required information and that his/her physician responds in a timely manner
  • Ensure his/her physician is aware of the full range of benefits, services, etc. provided by the plan
  • Participate in claims appeal process by selecting an independent physician to review his/her case, attend hearing, go through additional medical review as required by the Claims Review Committee


  • Contact Disability Management Coordinator as soon as aware that employee will be absent for longer than 5 days
  • Keep in touch with Employee and Disability Management Coordinator during an employee’s absence
  • Completes Occupational Demands Form, if no detailed job description available
  • Provide appropriate modified work to temporarily/partially disabled employees
  • Monitor disabled employees progress in the modified return to work

Disability Management Coordinator

  • To fully understand the range of benefits available under the plan, the requirements of the plan, the disability management process, the rehabilitation process and claims review process
  • Contact Employee to initiate rehabilitation process
    • If more than 20 days absence is anticipated, send Employee Work Abilities Form, Cover Letter for Rehabilitation Application, Rehabilitation Application, Occupational Demands Form (if no detailed job description available), Banked

Sick Leave Authorization, Short Term Disability Application, and Rehabilitation Brochure.

  • If less than 20 days absence is anticipated, initially only provide Work Abilities Form to Employee.
  • Complete the employer portion of the claim forms prior to sending to Employee, and have Supervisor complete Occupational Demands Form
  • Initiate contact with Rehabilitation Committee where an Employee is expected to be disabled beyond 20 days and coordinate with the committee and Supervisor to develop and implement return to work program, work accommodation, etc.
  • Assess an Employee * s condition, restrictions, and the accommodation required, in consultation with the Supervisor
  • Liaison with Physicians and, in particular, facilitate education of Physicians with respect to the range of jobs available for rehabilitation and early return to work
  • Monitor Employee * s progress on return to work/rehabilitation program and report back to Rehabilitation Committee, assist in modifying return to work/rehabilitation program as required
  • Assist Employee in completing CPP application form (after initiated by Manulife)
  • Provide Employee with long term disability application form
  • Where necessary, serve as an advocate for Employees, helping to remove roadblocks, etc.
  • Obtain assistance from Manulife with respect to difficult sick leave claims
  • Maintain contact with Employee while disabled
  • Coordinate claims appeal process involving the selection of a Physician, providing all Claims Review Committee members with required information package, notifying Manulife of Claims Review Committee members, coordinating hearing date with Claims Review Committee, advising Employee of hearing date, advising Manulife of final decision

Support and coach Supervisors

  • Educate employer on the importance of embracing employee return to work programs

Rehabilitation Committee

  • Direct contact with Employee
  • Sign Statement of Principle (confidentiality agreement)
  • Attend monthly Rehabilitation Committee meetings
  • Complete initial assessment of rehabilitation potential with assistance from Manulife, as required
  • Prepare rehabilitation or return to work program with assistance from Manulife
  • Facilitate rehabilitation and return to work
  • Liaison with Employee I Disability Management Coordinator / Supervisor / Manulife I Physician to facilitate return to work
  • Review Employee * s progress on return to work/rehabilitation program and modify rehabilitation program as required
  • Educate Employees on the requirements and benefits of the plan


  • Adjudicate all short term and long term disability claims in accordance with plan described in the collective agreement
  • Assist in adjudicating difficult claims during the sick leave process
  • Ensure that an Employee is paid in accordance with the provisions of the plan and in a timely manner
  • Effective, efficient, open communication with all players
  • Assist the Rehabilitation Committee in determining appropriate medical and/or vocational rehabilitation
  • Make recommendations to Rehabilitation Committee based on initial assessment of certain short and/or long term disability claims that have not already been identified by the committee
  • Accept and implement decision of Claims Review Committee


  • Provide complete medical information in a timely manner
  • Ensure that all forms (i.e., Work Abilities Form, short and/or long term disability physician form, physician section of rehabilitation form, etc.) are filled in correctly and completely
  • Work with Employee / Disability Management Coordinator / Rehabilitation Committee / Rehabilitation Providers to assist the employee in returning to work
  • Responsibility does not include determining whether an Employee is disabled within the definition of the plan but rather to provide all of the medical information required for the Rehabilitation Committee and/or Manulife to make its determination under the plan (diagnosis, symptoms, prescribed treatment)
  • Educate themselves with respect to the full range of benefits available to an Employee under the plan
  • Participate on or cooperate with the Claims Review Committee, if * when asked

Rehabilitation Service Providers

  • Coordinate with Rehabilitation Committee I Disability Management Coordinator I Manulife / Physician I Employee return to work

Claims Review Committee

  • Objective, third party responsible for coordinating the hearing process with the employee (appellant) in accordance with the Terms of Reference
  • Educate themselves on the range of services, benefits, etc. provided by the plan as well as the requirements of the plan
  • Liaison with Disability Management Coordinator
  • Review claim file in detail as provided by the Disability Management Coordinator, and Manulife, conduct their own medical review, arrive at a decision based on the information provided and submit a written and binding decision outlining their decision and the reasons behind it


  • Education, support employees throughout disability process
  • Liaison with Disability Management Coordinator and HR as required

Employee advocacy

  • Promote and support disability program, disability management, and mandatory rehabilitation
  • Participate in return to work planning including participating on the Rehabilitation Committee as required
  • Initiate and participate in claims appeal process, and select or assist Employee in selecting independent Physician to represent Employee on Claims Review Committee

Other Care Providers

  • Outsourced providers (Employee Assistance Plan providers)
  • Assist in return to work and rehabilitation programs

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