Donation Policy

  1. Dollar Value of Donation

    There will be a maximum limit of $500.00 for the total of donation payments over a budget year

    There will be a maximum of $100.00 per donation request.

  2. Payment Process

    The following criteria should be met for eligibility/reimbursement re a donation:

    Any individual who is a SCFA member may submit to the Executive a request for monies for reimbursement of a donation

    1. The donation request must be sponsored by a SCFA member
    2. Donation requests will be forwarded to the executive which will vet at least 2x a year
    3. The request must meet the aims and objectives of SCFA
    4. The executive will present donation requests (which meet the 1st three criteria) to the membership at the AGM and the Fall Meeting, the membership will then vote.
    5. If the request is approved the Treasurer will then issue payment

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