SCFA Honorarium Policy

The term “honorarium” as used in this policy applies only to payments made to members of the Selkirk College Faculty Association (SCFA) . Any payment made to a non- SCFA member (such as a speaker’s stipend) should be classified as an expense and accounted for using normal budgetary procedures. Below are the terms and conditions under which honorarium payments are to be distributed to SCFA members.

I . Dollar Value of Honorarium Awards

The following guidelines for award amounts are suggested:

  1. Normally, an honorarium ( Type A ) may be granted in any amount up to $100.
  2. Less often, an honorarium ( Type B ) may be granted in any amount up to $250.
  3. Occasionally, an honorarium ( Type C ) may be granted in any amount up to $500.

Under no circumstances shall an award be paid which would cause the annual cumulative maximum (described in paragraph IV below) to be exceeded for a given individual.

II. Nomination and Payment Process

Any individual who is an SCFA member may be nominated for an honorarium by a motion passed at a general meeting of the SCFA . The dollar value and the type ( A, B, or C ) of the honorarium being recommended should be included in the wording of the nomination motion.

  1. The SCFA Treasurer will verify the amount of the award that the individual nominated is eligible for as per paragraphs III and IV below.
  2. A ratification motion authorizing the Treasurer to pay the individual nominated the eligible amount will be brought back to a subsequent general meeting of the SCFA . Notice of the ratification motion will be given to the general membership at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.
  3. If the ratification motion is passed, the Treasurer will then issue payment.

III. Eligibility

Subject to the cumulative maximum set in paragraph IV below, a nominee for an honorarium must meet the following conditions:

  1. A nominee must be an SCFA member.
  2. There are no additional restrictions for a Type A honorarium.
  3. A nominee is ineligible for a Type B honorarium if they have received a Type C honorarium in the past 12 months.
  4. A nominee is ineligible for a Type C honorarium if they have received either a Type B or a Type C honorarium in the past 12 months.
  5. A nominee who has been deemed ineligible for either a Type B or a Type C honorarium shall be considered for a Type A honorarium automatically instead.

IV. Annual Cumulative Maximum Amount

The total of all honorarium payments made in a calendar year to any one individual shall not exceed $500. The rationale for this restriction is as follows:

  1. Amounts in excess of $500 may be taxable to the individual ( CCRA Interpretation Bulletin IT75 paragraphs 16,17,18,39 ) and reportable by SCFA .
  2. It is a waste of SCFA resources to indirectly pay the government taxes on amounts over $500, plus the administration costs of reporting of such amounts.
  3. The $500 limit is consistent with current CIEA practice (Source: CIEA Staff Rep ).

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