Strike/Lockout Support Pay Policy

In the event of a labour disruption, the Selkirk College Faculty Association (SCFA) will have the responsibility for the disbursement of support payments to its membership. Funds for these payments come from the members themselves, and are collected through their dues paid to FPSE and SCFA. Below are the terms and conditions under which any support payments are to be distributed.

I . Definition of "Job Action"

For the purposes of this policy, a job action is defined as one of the following:

  1. A strike by SCFA members against their employer Selkirk College.
  2. A lockout of SCFA members by their employer Selkirk College.
  3. SCFA recognition of a third party picket line.

II. Eligibility

In order to qualify for support pay on any given day of the job action, each SCFA member must meet the following conditions. .

  1. The member must be available as required to perform duties in support of the job action. Any such duty requirements shall be determined by the Selkirk College Faculty Association, and should be shared equally by all members.
  2. The member must be under contract to the employer, Selkirk College. Should the job action continue past the expiration of the member’s contract, the member would no longer qualify for support pay.

III. Starting Date and Duration

All SCFA members who meet the eligibility requirements will begin to earn support pay commencing with the first day of any job action. Support pay will continue to be earned seven days a week for as long as the job action continues. Periods of job action that last less than one full day will still qualify as a full day for support pay purposes.

IV. Compensation Amount

Support pay will be earned at the rate of $80 per member per day for the first week, and $40 per member per day for subsequent weeks. An upper limit will be placed on the amount of support pay that can be earned in each seven day period, commencing with the first day of any job action. That limit will be $400 per member for the first week, and $200 per member for subsequent weeks. In no case shall the weekly support pay to any member exceed the earnings they lost in that week as a result of the job action.

V . Payment Schedule

Subject to the availability of funds, SCFA will normally issue support pay due to its members beginning two weeks after the commencement of the job action, and thereafter at two-week intervals.

VI. Temporary Dues Increase

At the conclusion of any job action, a temporary increase in union dues of 0.3% of pay shall be levied on all SCFA members. This increased levy will continue until the local support pay reserves are restored to a level adequate to fund this policy in the event of any future job action.

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