Use of the SCFA Banner

The SCFA banner may/shall be taken to any public function that supports the objectives, as identified in the Constitution, of the SCFA and/or its affiliates.


SCFA: The objectives of the Society are:

  • i. To maintain and promote the professional status of the Faculty of Selkirk College
  • ii. To give group representation to the views and problems of the Faculty, both as individuals and as a group
  • iii. To give its members a collective voice in presenting Association views on employment and related matters, salary schedule, and working conditions to the College Board and to be their sole representative when so empowered by the Association.
  • iv. To advise on questions of mutual concern, to its members and the Administration of the College.
  • v. To arrange social functions.
  • vi. To deal with all other matters pertaining to the welfare of its members and of the College

BC Federation of Labour "What we desire for ourselves, we wish for all."

Canadian Association of University Teachers the establishment and maintenance of international relations with academic staff in other countries;

Canadian Labour Congress We believe that as members of society, we are entitled to basic human rights, political freedom, quality public services, good democratic government, a safe and sustainable environment, a just and equitable society, and a peaceful world.

In all its endeavours, the CLC shall defend and promote the principles of democracy and equality and hold true to the ideal of human rights for all. We are sisters and brothers who, in solidarity, will always pursue social, economic and political justice – the goals on which the labour movement was founded.

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