Frequently Asked Questions

I think there is something wrong with my contract. Who should I contact?
Contact SCFA President or SCFA VP Administration.
I think there is something wrong with my pay. Who should I contact?
Contact SCFA President or SCFA VP Administration.
Will the SCFA cover my expenses so I can attend an Executive or a General Meeting?
Yes. If you need to travel from another campus or if you require childcare in order to attend an SCFA meeting, you may be reimbursed for these expenses. Check with the SCFA President or Treasurer for more details.
How do I get reimbursed for expenses from the SCFA?
Complete an expense voucher (link here for the form), attach any receipts, and submit these to SCFA Treasurer. To avoid any misunderstandings you should get prior approval from the SCFA President for your expenses.
I work less than 100% of a regular contract. Does that mean I have fewer vacation days?
No. Faculty members who work a full year get 40 days of vacation. If the contract is less than 100%, the member is paid that proportion for 40 days.
Do I need to book off the days between Christmas and New Years as vacation?
No. The College is not open on these days.
Do I have a choice over which courses I teach or a right to courses I have already taught?
Members don’t “own” courses. Based on your seniority, you have a right to have your contract filled up, but how that contract is filled, in other words, which courses you teach, is up to the School Chair. The Chair will consider matters of preference and experience, but ultimately, he or she will make the final decision.
What is the difference between a short-term contract and an annualized contract?
Both are considered a short-term contract which means they have an end date. The annualized contract is for 12 months and includes vacation, assigned duty time and professional development. The short-term contract is for any length short of 12 months and carries more limited benefits. In both cases, if there is no further work when the contract expires, there is no severance.
How is my workload calculated?
A full-time workload is considered to be 512 contact hours. However numerous variations to the formula exist. These are explained is article 8.3 of the Collective Agreement.
Do I get any expenses for teaching at more than one campus?
Yes. When you are hired one of the campuses will be designated your home campus. You should be paid mileage and given workload credit for the time and distance traveling to the “other” campus. See article 8.3.12 in the Collective Agreement.
What are the benefits of belonging to the Faculty Association?
Good question. For an answer see this article from our SCFA newsletter: December 2004

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